Top 10 Hand-made Sports Car

24 10 2009

The world’s 10 largest hand-made super sports car

In some cases, the past things have passed, but the automotive industry is to open the title page of history, began to recall some things: Some of the car unfortunately lost, and some are also welcome to re-return. Hand-built supercar is behind such an example, we are very pleased to see the revival of it!

In a few decades ago, hand-built sports car popular with hundreds of millions of rich welcome, they can customize a special body shape as a way to chang Yang’s own style. In the hand-built supercar era of rampant, and many custom sports car are mostly based on the Ferrari or Corvette but made of. For decades, Ferrari’s official policy is to not allow any outside the car in Maranello made. But recently, the provision has been modified, you can see several cars stuck following Ferrari “prance horse” car standard.

10th place: Callaway C16

For several years, Callaway’s business center focused on creating a unique body for the Corvette and performance aspects. Unlike Castagna, and Spada. Callaway’s latest sports car in the Los Angeles Auto Show debut C16. Callaway trim production in Montreal, in the New York production of the body. In the current ChevroletCorvette C6 basis, Callaway’s new body design and are equipped with 616 horsepower on the new C16’s, C16 coupe to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles / hour as long as 3.3 seconds, top speed 206 miles / hour. Each custom sports car are in Connecticut, USA and Germany Calllaway companies to manufacture, allowing buyers to configure the optional extra – five-year warranty for all components, hand-built sports car in the industry, such a guarantee for a unique.

9th place: Castagna Aznom

Milan Design Center Castagna because of the design of the variant version of Mini, and now started their own business. Aznom with Corvette Z06 starting point for the design, improved engine, the horsepower increased to 750 horsepower, so that Aznom acceleration time to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles / hour down to 3.4 seconds, top speed 217 miles / hour. The Aznom shape seems to be designed by the same aliens – its design inspiration from classic and modern racing Corvette comprehensive. Aznom body from aluminum, magnesium and carbon fiber materials. Like it or not, Castagna Azonm Italian styling herald the arrival of Super-Vette.

8th place: DC Design Rolls-Royce Coupe

India Coachbuilder DC Design Center, and has been designed CayenneCoupe Porsche is known for the British customers Ashok Tandon manufactured out of this Rolls-Royce Coupe. The Coupe sports car based on second-hand Silver Spur, the design center was finalized with a year, 6 months to produce. Interestingly, in addition to other exterior and interior are all traditional Roller design, but the color changed to red only.

Seventh place: Spada Codatronca

Even in such a unique company, Spada Codtronca its shape is also very superior: there’s a stripe-shaped inlet of sharks, prominent exhaust pipes. The car was born the same way with the Corvette Z06, are from the Italian Design Center. By Italtecnica technical support – change of transmission for this car to accelerate faster. This sports car equipped with twin-turbo LS7 V8, the road version of the engine output horsepower up to 600 horsepower, while the TSV output of 700 hp version of the engine. Both models carry a different engine, Spada, respectively at 3.2 and 2.7 seconds to accelerate to 60 miles / hour.

Fifth place: Vandenbrink GTO

Vandenbrink GTO has not yet produced. In fact, we now see the picture is only concept car sketch. Dutch designers MichielVan den Brink design GTO, as shown by its name, as, let us rise to the 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO missed. In the Ferrari 599 GTBFiorano on the basis of a super sports car, Vandenbrink plans to build 5 GTO, body materials, use aluminum or carbon fiber. Unfortunately, unlike other hand-built Ferrari, Maranello is not allowed to use the Ferrari logo, but does not affect us know it.
Back to the heyday of hand-built, customers want to Ferrari chassis, while having a more fluid body, it is usually the preferred transformation of the company Zagato. Now, Zagato busy again. Most recent hand-built sports car, including: Spyker C12, Diatto marque, there is a change based on the Maserati GranSport models, this is the Ferrari 575GTZ. The Ferrari 572GTZ ordered by the Japanese collector Yoshiyuki Hayashi. Like 250Zagato like 250GT-based, 575GTZ is based on the 575 M Maranello built to.

Fourth place: Ferrari FX

The strongest electronic and expensive Coachbuilding course ought to Sultan of Brunei. Sultan since the tournament since 1980, has access to F1 world champion each car, there are many foreign country-style super sports car. However, among the pearl of the collection of Sultan course ought to custom made sports car – including the Bentley Java and Pininfarina Ferrari Mythos – and a number of designs based on the Ferrari 456GT cars, etc. made of. But the most eye-catching was undoubtedly the special custom Ferrari FX, based on the F512M and made. The strange thing is, FX has the same internal code is the root Enzo. FX has a unique body, by Pinifarina the use of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber and electro-hydraulic sequential gearbox crafted. Sultanate has FX7 cars in six, while the other one from California, Dick Marconi museums.

3rd place Ferrari GG50

Giorgetto Giugiaro was a very busy designer, in setting up their own ItalDesigh Prior, he worked in the industry’s most respected companies. The reason why Ferrari GG50 superior because Giorgetto Giugiaroro in their new products into the Ferrari element, he was not made for the Ferrari but not to the public, and made, he was made for themselves! In order to commemorate his to work in the automotive industry for 50 years. GG50 sports car based on the 612 Scaglietti in the design, ItalDesign shorten the length of outdoor extension of the body to re-design, it looks more smooth and supple. Looked so beautiful GG50, take a look at the lack of luster after 612, we will not help to ask how it is designed Giurgiaro such a perfect sports car out of it!

Second place: Fisker Latiqo CS

In such a unique area, Fisker Coachbuild even more unique: it is because the rich want to provide customers with a special hand-built supercar specifically established. The company was founded in 2005, prior to, Henrik Fisker is responsible for depicting the high-end super sports car such as: BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB9 and V8 Vantage. Fisker has recently added a new two: one based on the BMW M6 and Mercedes-Benz SL55, based on design Latigo and Tramonto, with these two projects through the checking of the sports car, Fisker has a new body shape, unique in form dynamic performance is greater. Take Latigo, the adoption of abandoned, “flame surface” to preserve the redesigned M-V10, which corrected the flaw in the principle of BMW styling. Unfortunately, each produce only 150 were also reported, Fisker is developing the future of the new models.

FIRST PLACE: Ferrari P4 / 5

Published in the Ferrari Enzo sports car, many people have their style and lament the lack of a super sports car. Jim Glickenhaus only one person driving his Enzo to Pininfarina design studio, pointing to the classic 330 P3/4– he already has two – the commission to modify the design to the previous form. The results change, the sports car on the P4 / 5, a can arouse memories of the past sports car, while both the future of breath. P4 / 5 sports car not only look better than the Enzo, even more importantly, also reduce vehicle weight 374 lbs. In the Pinifarina Center after countless hours of wind tunnel tests, P4 / 5 has been confirmed that the performance improvement, we should know the Enzo second to none in terms of speed, able to draw such a result is not easy.

In addition to performance and style beyond the reason why this car so that we love, because Glickenhaus and the loneliness of the Sultan of Brunei has a very different and supported by fans around the world for its recognition of the design process modeling.





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